(photo by Raya Carlisle)

Well to our almost brand new blog.  Since, this is the first post and I’ll get straight to the point with the 5 Ws.

Who ?
Brent, Jenn, Thing 1, Thing 2, Meow Cow (the cat), Nigel, and Nico (the pugs)

A year long cross country road trip.

ASAP.  Which realistically means sometime this fall or possibly early winter.

Where ?
We would like to see all 48 contiguous states.  If time and finances allow, we would also like to drive up to Alaska.  Hawaii would be awesome but I’m not sure how well the RV would do in the ocean. However, we are sort of thinking about adding some rocket boosters to the RV and checking out the moon.

Why ?
To learn about the country.  To learn about each other.  To slow down.  To live simply.  To live with less.  To seek adventure.  To seek God.

From there I’ll let you decide if you want to stick around.  I hope you do!

With love,




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