Last week, Thing 1 and I went on two all day dates while Thing 2 was at Cubscout Camp.  Our dates were “his choice” and he chose to go look at RVs.

Awwww…the youngest old man.

Since the birth of our on-the-road-dream, we’ve always imagined living life in a motorhome.  In my dreams, it’s a vintage bus conversion. So far, we haven’t found anything that suits ours needs and is in our price range.

This week I thought we had found an almost perfect RV.  It was a low mileage diesel pusher  in our price range with many of our desired options.

A large bedroom with lots of closet space.

A perfect place to build an “office” for Brent in the bedroom.

A decent sized kitchen for me to experiment cook.

A living area just waiting for new fabric and paint.

A blank slate  just makes me giddy.

But then….


….we saw the space where we wanted to build bunk beds is about 6 inches too short.


With much trepidation, I agreed to look at some 5th wheels and I was surprised by how much I liked them.

A crazy amount of space for a girl who likes her clothes.  Not that I know that girl…

A separate bedroom for the boys.  A year on the road makes this option very appealing.

More counter space than the diesel pusher.

This particular model even had an “office”.  Unfortunately, it was in the back bedroom so we would probably still end up building one in the front bedroom but still it’s a possibility.

So now I’m making lists.  I love making lists.

Advantages of a Class A Diesel Pusher
– Comfortable moving down the road
– I’ll have my little CR-V to drive around.
– Basement storage
– We already own a perfect tow vehicle.
– If it breaks down we have an extra vehicle.

Disadvantages of Class A Diesel Pusher
– Bunks next to the one bedroom
– More difficult to get serviced
– Higher maintenance expenses
– Length: Could be too long for many places.
– Two drive trains to maintain

Benefits of  5th Wheel
– More living space
– Better floor plan, i.e., two separate bedrooms
– One drive train to maintain
– Lower cost
– Length: Easier to get spaces to stay
– Diesel trucks are easier and less expensive to repair.

Disadvantages of 5th Wheel
– Confined to truck cab while traveling
– I’ll have to drive a big ole’ truck around when the boys and I go on excursions without Brent.
– If the truck breaks down we are out of luck.
– Just doesn’t seem “like us”.  Interpret that how you will.

We are torn. Thing 2 and I are all about the class A.  Brent and Thing 2 are all about the 5th wheel.

It’s an important decision but really it’s not.  At the end of the day, all of us just really want to get on the road to have some adventures and makes some memories.

Advice?  Experience? We are all ears!!!

with love,











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