This evening we wanted to say goodbye to our little downtown.

Downtown Ventura is a special place.  Not only is it blocks from the ocean, it’s a perfect mixture of mom and pop sprinkled with a little cooperate.  A movie theatre, a library, restaurants, and small shops line Main Street.  It’s an afternoon thrifters dream with at least 4 thrift shops, antique stores, and a Buffalo Exchange all within blocks. And if all else fails there is a Urban Outfitters and American Apparel.

(That’s not my car.  Remember, I have a big old diesel truck.  I’m such a poser. ;-))

The afternoon heat was still lingering even as the sun set. The temperature to wear what may be my favorite dress before I pack it away for the year.  (Sniff.)

A treasure of a thrift store find, I’m wearing this dress even when I’m an eccentric old lady.

It’s black linen with embroidered flowers around the hem and on the back.


It makes me feel like twirling down the street and belting out “My Favorite Things”.

Goodbye dress.

Goodbye downtown.

You will both be missed.

love and laughter,








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