Today, the boys went with their grandma Noni to Avila Valley Barn.  Yep, we are still at Brent’s parents.  I’m thinking we should just stay here for the year and I’ll make up stories and find pictures on the internet to post instead.

Thing 1 took a bunch of pictures at Avila Valley Barn with his new camera.  This kid is a go-go gadget just like his dad.  He saved up to buy his first Mac at 10 years old and he doesn’t use it for video games.  He uses it to research whatever it is he is “interested” in at the time.  Be it rvs or Kirby vacuums.

I was bummed Brent and I didn’t make it to Avila.  Goats are my favorite animals.  (Don’t tell my cat.)

Instead, Brent worked and his oldest friend, Matt,  (they went to preschool together) came over to tune up our new from Craiglist bikes.  (THANK YOU Matt!!!) Matt also gave me a mini-lesson on bike maintenance.  My last bike was a white Schwinn with a banana seat and basket. I was 10 so I’m a liiiittle rusty.  I’m also a little crazy because my first long ride since I can remember (maybe ever) is going to be up and over a mountain!  Tomorrow morning, Brent, Matt and I are going to Point Sal.  πŸ˜‰  I can’t wait!!!!!!!!  I think.

Do keeping tools warm count as help?

Love and Laughter,

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