We spent the morning doing school.  (That’s what we do most mornings!)

After school, my friend Michelle came to pick us up.  Michelle and I have been “penpals” for over 3 years.  She originally found my blog through a Google search.  We began emailing regularly and our friendship grew without ever meeting each other.

It’s a weird experience meeting someone for the first time in person who already knows many details about your life.  Not only that but replacing pixels with a real voice and real expressions is quite a trip.  At one point, I blurted out that I was having a hard time connecting the Michelle in my head with the real life Michelle.  FYI, the real life Michelle was even more wonderful that the Michelle in my head…I didn’t even think that would be possible!

Michelle kindly took me to The Garlic Shoppe (I loooove garlic) in Gilroy where we pet animals and bought overpriced garlic items including ice cream.  I had to have a bite.  It was strange not necessarily gross but strange.

In the evening, Brent met up with us at her house where Michelle treated us to Mr. Falafel.  The kids played and once her husband got home we stayed until 11:30 that night and I think we could have kept talking until 11:30 the following night.

I also have to show you the cutest little garland she made us.  It’s a string of hearts cut out of a map with a family picture in the center. The hearts each have a state on them.

Our home state.  (I noticed they are in alphabetically order.  A girl after my own heart!)  πŸ˜‰

We hung it over our door and it looks darling.  I’m going to take after pictures of our rv remodel as soon as I clean it up get a chance.

Meeting Andrea and Michelle and other bloggers I know got me thinking about the internet.  People criticize the internet but in my life it has been a huge blessing.  For starters, it allows Brent to work remotely and without it I don’t know if we would be doing this trip.  Secondly, it has introduced us to many amazing people. Sure I have wasted numerous hours online looking at pictures of hairless cats (I looooove hairless kitties…sorry Meow Cow) or bangs the night before a haircut but overall I’m so grateful for the doors it has opened up.  I’m also grateful that you take the time to read about our lives.

Love and Laughter,

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