Today was a “catch up day”.

Brent spend the entire day working at the lodge where there is internet.  We lost our cell phone service yesterday coming up the mountain right after we got a call from our tenants that the fridge broke.  Oh lovely.

While Brent worked, the boys and I did school and laundry.

Thankfully, we have a security guard.

Gotta be “serious” when you are sitting on your “thrones”.

While the laundry was drying I “made” the boys walk 1/2 mile up a hill to the country store because I’m a “terrible” mother for wanting them to get exercise.  Unfortunately, the store had closed 15 minutes earlier. Oooops.  The 10 minutes that followed weren’t  pretty.  Good thing, no one was around or I might have just decided to hitch a ride.  It’s also a good thing that I had my walkie-talking and could call 911 Brent.

Love and Laugher,

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