I like this quiet little campground nestled out here in the middle of nowhere Fort Mohave. It’s not much more than a parking lot in a desert but you can see the mountains in the distance, it’s clean, and there is a little random cactus garden between the office and the parking lot.  This morning, I saw a roadrunner dart through the garden.

After a breakfast, we took the RV back to the tire shop.  As it turns out there is nothing wrong with the mechanics of the axel and suspension the tires are just delaminating. Unfortunately duck tape won’t fix this problem. The numbers are running through my head.  Once again as “luck” would have it, I had the exact amount in my paypal account from selling stuff on ebay before we left.  I guess I won’t be getting that new camera lens afterall.  Something about this trip is makes me feel like a college student scraping together money to buy a pizza.

We while we were getting the tires put on we drove over to Nevada and filmed a workout for Girl Heroes in the rain.  Shortly, after lunch we were back on the road shortly after lunch.  Not without a stop at the Goodwill in Laughlin where I found an adorable Marc Jacobs dress for $5 and a peacoat for Brent.

Back on the road.

Hours later we stopped at, Seligman, a town on Route 66.  We had heard there were cars painted like the cars in the movie Cars. (What a sentence.)  We exited the freeway and drove down the nearly deserted street to Delgadillo’s.  It was closed.  In fact, almost the entire town was closed despite it being 4:30 pm on a Saturday.  We got out and walked a bit and I had this eeery feeling come over me.  It was similiar to the feeling I got when I “met” Miss Havisham in Great Expectations.  The town seemed to be suspended in time, waiting for something that was never going to come.  Everything looked fun but frozen like a painted smile on a clown.  Bright colored signs advertising “Route 66” were on every delapitated building.  A group of mannequins posed happily on a roof overlooking the empty street was about as much as I could take so we headed back to the car.

So much for getting our kicks on Route 66.

Love and Laugher,

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