Last night, before we went to bed we made a difficult decision. Not a life-death or always-regret decision, mind you, but a decision that we had been chewing on for a few days.

We decided not to go to Big Bend.

Big Bend was our original destination of West Texas before heading to Austin to spend Thanksgiving with my best friend. I’ve heard it’s wild and rugged and there is supposed to be a wonderful little ghost town called Terlingua nearby but we are learning that we can’t see everything. It’s a difficult lesson. Sometimes it leaves me feeling like a child wondering if I should have picked the mint chip over the cookies-n-cream.

It’s a good problem to have but on mornings like this, driving east instead of south, my insides stretch and twist. We could fit it in if we leave early enough but that would mean two looooong days of driving, a rushed visit, a big gas bill, a husband who can’t work due to lack of internet.

Trying to fit it all got me in a lot of trouble in the past. A tired, overwhelmed, and anxious wife/mama/friend is not a lot of fun. So east it is and Big Bend will have to wait.

We packed up and headed out of Marfa. For having mixed feelings about the town I was sure sad to go. Driving east on the I-10 we passed hundreds of miles of golden ranch land speckled with windmills.

Halfway to Austin we pulled into a rest stop and decided to stay the night instead of continue on to the next campground.

I experienced a funny sensation, we all did, that night. After dinner we played a game of Clue and began to get ready for bed.  Being with my family in our cozy RV, I forgot we were parked in a noisy rest stop near the interstate. I forgot we were in Texas. I forgot we had traveled nearly 1500 miles from home because I was home.

I am home at a rest stop. I am home in Walmart parking lot. I am home in a driveway. I am home at a campground.

I am home because we are together.

Love and Laughter,

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