When I was googling “vintage clothing austin” I never dreamed I would come across something as spectacular as a Vintage Style Fest.

I also never imagined it would be the weekend I was actually in Austin. In Austin with my best friend. My best friend who will happily drive all over town and patiently wait while I contemplate buying a pair of vintage cowboy boots as if I’m considering having another child.

This weekend was the first ever Austin Vintage Style Fest. There were so many great shops (I had no idea Austin has so much vintage.) participating! I came home with two dresses from Flashback Vintage. The shop was adorable, organized, well stocked, creatively displayed, and the owner was not only friendly but I could tell had a genuine passion for vintage. If you are in Austin and love vintage it’s a must visit.  I also bought two dresses came from RG Vintage who was at the festival from San Antonio.

I loved exploring the different neighborhoods of Austin, laughing with my best friend, meeting shop owners, browsing racks of clothing, and looking at funky knickknacks. So much better than going to a mall.

The only thing that stinks is that I didn’t get those vintage cowboy boots and I’m pretty certain they aren’t going to be at the next strip center off the interstate.

Love and Laughter,


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