There is no doubt that what we lack in in familiarity we make up with adventure.

Yet there is a part of me that longs for familiarity. Longs to run into someone in the grocery store who knows my name. Longs to sit with friends and “remember when” which partially explains why parking in my sister’s mother-in-law’s driveway in Fairhope, Alabama, for three nights felt like a family gathering. The other explanation is that Jerri, my sister’s mother-in-law, is just cool. And she’s a great cook. And she’s not afraid of the rattlesnakes that she found hanging out on her doorstep. Oh and she folds towels like a pro. Seriously, she puts the military to shame.

Not only did we feel blessed by Jerri’s hospitality, we got to have lunch with two of her sons and their families when our visits overlapped by a few hours. How refreshing to talk with people who know a little about us even if it was just through my sister. We are hoping to be able to visit Jake and Emily later this year in Pennsylvania.

Our time in Fairhope was mostly spent doing school and catching up on work. Despite what it may seem like on our blog, our life isn’t a “vacation”. Since it was raining it worked out well to catch up.

Our last day in Fairhope, the sun decided to come out and shine. We ventured into the downtown area where we discovered quaint architecture, the lovely Mobile Bay, majestic oak tree lined bluffs, charming shops, and many friendly faces.  As we were walking down Fairhope Avenue we passed an art gallery. In the window was a lazy Persian kitty on a mini wrought iron bed with a sign that read, “Please do not beat on the window, it gives me a headache. Thank you for your continued admiration. Love, Matisse”.

A Persian cat. A Persian cat on a miniature wrought iron bed? A Persian cat named MATISSE!

I’m not a cat lover. Oh no not all.

Of course, when the owner of the gallery, Christine Linson, said we could come into to pet him I ran in full speed like a crazed woman we couldn’t refuse. (Don’t tell Meow Cow.) After admiring Matisse, we met her other rescued Persian, Toulouse Lautrec and we spent some time chatting with Christine. In 1998, she visited Fairhope and fell in love with the town. Not long after she decided she wanted to start a new life in Fairhope. She now owns the Christine Linson Gallery where she also does all her work. If you are in the area stop in to say hi and pet the cats.

Love and Laughter,

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