As a family on the road, I write a lot about our lives as “tourists” but what is it really like to be a family living in an RV?

There is so much more to the fulltime RV lifestyle than National Parks and museums. A few people have referred to our trip as a vacation. I understand how it would seem that way.

But it’s not a vacation.

Just ask Brent about how many hours he works a week. And ask the boys how they feel about school. And just because our toilet is in the RV doesn’t make it any more fun to clean.

My point is this is our life and much of our life takes place at “home” and in our “backyard”.  An ever changing backyard is the second best thing about being a family on the road. The first best thing is slowing down and just being together.

With this in mind, I’m starting a new series of posts called Our Backyard. Our Backyard is to remember the simple moments that happen in and around our RV, to capture what it’s really like to be a family on the road, and to share the campgrounds we call home.

Don’t worry. I won’t be taking any pictures of me cleaning the toilet.

Thing Two enjoying his quill and ink.

Thing One walking the dogs.

An after dinner walk to watch the sunset.

Sunsets make everything magical even a beach covered in trash.

An abandoned camper.

There were a lot of choices for camping in the Outer Banks. We stayed at Sands of Time campground because they gave us our Passport America discount (50% off) every night. It was the least expensive campground we could find in the Outer Banks.

While it wasn’t fancy it was clean, quiet, cute, and the staff were super nice. It is also near the middle of the Outer Banks making it an easy drive to many places.

Our backyard in the Outer Banks.

It’s good to be a family on the road.

Love and Laughter,

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