Is anyone there?

It’s been a while since I updated. As you might guess, I’m a bit behind in writing. We’ve landed in Colorado to spend three months snowboarding and experiencing life in the mountains. Last year, we spent the winter in Florida playing on the beaches, swimming with manatees, and spending time with friends. We thought about going back to Florida but decided we needed a new experience. Sitting here now at the table bundled up in a blanket with a beanie on my head, I’m starting to wonder if we made the right decision.

We’ve been here just over a week and so far our water tanks have frozen, our heater has broke twice, and the the freezing temperatures seem to have shrunk the RV. Three hundred square feet feels about like three.

On the bright side this long cold winter will give me the much needed time to catch up on our adventures. Maybe writing about the fun we had over the summer and fall will thaw these frozen bones.

With that let’s go back to Washington DC….

Our second and third days in DC were spend with friends who we had met in Austin, Texas the previous fall.

We met our friends at National Museum of Natural History.


This is why I don’t like to swim in the ocean because you just never know…

The museum is huge and it really takes an whole day if you really want to see it.

What the?!?! Is this a opossom or armadillo?



This is the look I give my boys when they won’t do their school work. πŸ˜‰



It was a great day. A really great day.

Love and Laughter,

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