Grand Tetons Panoramic

Some places you don’t know what to expect.

To be honest, we only stopped at Grand Teton because it was one our way to Yellowstone.

We hadn’t even looked up pictures of Grand Teton National Park on the internet.

But as we drove in through Jackson Hole, we were stopped in our tracks.

There are no foothills to make introductions.

Like teeth of a great beast trying to chew its way out of the earth, the mountains jut abruptly out of the ground without apologies.

Unfortunately most of our photos from Grand Teton were lost but thankfully there were a few left to remind us of this majestic place.

Brent Grand Tetons National Park

Wild Flowers Grand Tetons National Park

Jackson Lake Grand Tetons  Lake Grand Tetons NP Thing 2 Looking for Elk

Thing 2 watching an elk with his scope.

Lake Grand Tetons National Park Grand Tetons National Park RV Grand Tetons National Park Sunset Grand Tetons National Park

Wild Flowers Grand Tetons Wyoming

What a lovely and powerful place to make home for five days.

Love and Laughter,

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