It’s no secret that I love the idea of living on a little farm.

Courtney is one of my oldest friends. When we were little we’d spend hours dreaming of owning our own horses or chucking pastel colored ponies at each other during the “Pretty Pony Wars”. Time changes a lot but it doesn’t take the love of horses out of a horse girl’s heart.

Years later, Courtney lives in rural Wyoming with her family, a horse, a dog, a cat, and a small herd of goats. Their home is surrounded by bad lands leading up to the Big Horn mountains and pastures full of horses grazing under the biggest sky you’ll ever see.

A week there was a week in paradise.

Families WY

So fun to catch up after so many years.

Spotted Appaloosa WY Spotted Horse WY

These beauties trotted right up to us on our bike ride.

Bay Quarter Horse and Thing 1 WY

Courtney’s horse, Biscuit, was so sweet and gentle even Thing 1 who is nervous around them petted her.

Goat Push WY

We all loved Blondie, especially Thing 1.

Hiking in the Big Horn Mountains WY

Spring was in full bloom in the Big Horn mountains.

Thing 1 and Helen WY

Thing 1 made a special friend. He spent 3 nearly full days with Helen, Courtney’s piano teacher, who helped him to improve his music reading skills.

There was hiking, a raptor show at the library, cookouts on the patio, sunsets and sunrises, bike rides, yoga, and relaxing in the wild countryside of Wyoming.

Sweet Goat WY

This (and this) is why I think our next adventure needs to be setting up a little farm of our own or else we need to figure out how to pack a goat in our RV.

Love and Laughter,

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