We have spent time friends or family in 30 of the 48 states we’ve visited. It’s so much fun to experience the different ways of life around the United States. It’s one of our favorite parts of life on the road.

We’ve stayed on farm in Tennessee.

Visited a cousin in her Manhattan skyrise apartment.

Experienced family island life on Orcas Island.

Toured a world hunter’s trophy room in rural Georgia.

Spent time with a family raising a toddler in the city of Chicago.

Picked apples from a midwestern orchard.

And reconnecting with old friends in Butte, Montana was every bit as memorable.

Mile High Butte Mt

In the 1920s Butte, rich with copper and natural resources, was a boom town. Headeframes are still scattered among buildings and parks. While the population of Butte has declined, it’s beauty has not.

Oil Fields Butte Mt

Mountains surround the city resting under the endless Montana sky.

All Grown Up Butte Mt

Most importantly, Butte is home to our friends. These guys don’t remember but they used to play together as toddlers in Ventura.

Jump jump Butte Mt

After a few hours, you wouldn’t have know they didn’t remember each other.

Jenn Aundi Mt

I could say so much about this girl. Loving, forgiving, funny, beautiful, and creative is a start. It was hard to believe that it had been 8 years since we had seen each other.

Historic Movie Theatre Anaconda Mt    Lunch on the Trampoline Butte MT

Thing 2 Jump MT

Five days of fun passed all too quickly!

Love and Laughter,

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