After leaving Glacier National Park, we headed over to Washington. We took Highway 2, a remote and lovely route over rivers and through woods. I’m not sure I’d actually recommend taking Highway 2 unless, like us, you just really really prefer highways over interstates. It may  have beautiful scenery, but it’s also curvy, slow going, and had a fair amount of construction going on at the time.

We landed in Newport, Washington where we took a few days to regroup after our days exploring in Glacier. Other than watching fireworks over the Pend Oreille River, we did little else besides catch up on things like work, school, and laundry. As mundane as it may sound, I actually enjoy our regrouping days. It gives me a chance to feel like an ordinary mom instead of the wandering gypsy mama I am.

Many people ask us if we travel with a plan. My answer is, we travel with a “flexible plan”. For instance, the morning we left Newport we planned on going to a campground in Quincy for a few more days of regrouping before heading to the coast. But then someone that morning told us about Leavenworth and we had a change of plans.

Leavenworth is a Bavarian styled village situated in the Cascade mountain range less than a half days drive from Seattle. It sounded like a perfect place for a few more days of regrouping and to get some Spätzle. And it was.

Flowers Leavenworth WA


Family Trip Leavenworth WA

Love and Laughter,

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