So we spontaneously sold our RV a week and a half ago.

Little Uhaul big trailer

And tried to packed everything into a tiny U-Haul.

Family on the Road

It seemed appropriate that the sun was setting as we took our last family picture before saying goodbye. This “house” cost a fraction of what our home in California had cost but it was a 1000 times harder to say goodbye. So many memories in such a small space.

New Buyers

We couldn’t be more thrilled with the new owners who share our passion for adventure and simple living. They are planning to take off soon.

Best Friends

We said goodbye to my best friend and her family who had generously let us stay with them for 15 days. She’s special this one. There are not many people who would welcome our family and all four pets for that long and not once make us feel like we were over staying our welcome. And frankly, there’s not many people who I’d want to spend 15 days with in their house. 🙂

A bigger uhaul

Then we left Austin in our slightly bigger U-Haul.

Boys and Beignets in Baton Roughe

Our first stop was Baton Rouge where we had beignets for breakfast. So bad but so good.

Hotel Hopping

Getting all of our stuff and the menagerie into the hotel room was quite the effort. Another reason why I love RVing so much.

Road Trip without the RV

The next day we drove and drove.

Winter Storm Shot

And got to Florida just in time.

Moving into Storage

We stored our stuff until we find a new home.

It’s been a whirlwind of a week. Along with moving to Florida, establishing our new residency, and searching for a doctor to deliver our baby who is due in a few months, I was a contributing writer for a new book!

It’s called Chicks Without Bricks, a compilation of travel stories from other unconventional women and starting today you can pre-order it now through Dec 23 for just $2.99! After that the price goes up to $7.99.

Chicks without Bricks!

Considering our present situation I couldn’t think of a more fitting title.

Love and Laughter,

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