Bear with me as we hitch up our time machine and head back in time for Throwback Thursday. The amount of pictures we take borders on absurdity and it’s impossible for me to keep up without an assistant. So until the boys can be trusted to pick the best pictures of me, I’ll have to do all the photo management which could be a full time job in and of itself.

Anyway back to Valley Forge.

Valley Forge PA

Thing One Valley Forge

National Memorial Arch Valley Forge PA

Soldier Quarters Valley Forge


Peeking In Washingtons Headquarters

Valley Forge National Historic Park  was the Revolutionary War encampment where the continental army lead by George Washington survived the long winter of 1777-1778. By the end of the winter, nearly 2500 soldiers had died from exposure, sickness, and starvation.  And we felt like we “survived” the winter in Breckenridge in our RV.

Little Washington Valley ForgePretending to be a solider Valley Forge

Visitor Center Valley Forge

The visitor center, like most national park visitor centers, was filled with information and hands on exhibits. We learned about the sacrifices and hardships the soldiers of the Continental Army endured in their fight for our country’s independence.

In the Mirror Valley Forge

And away we go!

Love and Laughter,

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