I had a great first week. I took my first breath of oxygen, saw light, and finally got to stretch my arms and legs. Wow, that felt good. But the best part was meeting my mommy, daddy, and brothers.


My mommy was the first to hold me after 19 hours of back labor followed and 1.5 hours of pushing. (Sorry mom, I know you wanted me to turn anterior but I just couldn’t.) Her belly was so warm and squishy. I recognized her heartbeat right away. She kept smiling at me and crying. This is us an hour after being born.


My dad is awesome too. His hands are so big and I feel so secure against his chest. He was right there when I was born, helping mommy sit up. Mommy says Daddy never once left here side while I was being born. She says she could’t have done it without him. I can already tell they make a good team.


My big brother instantly fell head of over heels in love with me.


My big big brother was a little more nervous to hold me but he came around and realized I wasn’t going to poop on him. Not yet anyway. He he!

IMG_5756 IMG_5738

I’ve spend the majority of my week sleeping with my mommy and daddy. Mommy says her midwife gave her a “21 day rule” which means she can’t do much for three weeks. Mommy also said it’s been “dreamy” to slow down and bond with me. I agree.

IMG_5711 IMG_5772

I am one happy camper especially when I’m being held.


Here I am 4 days old!


I also took my first car ride. Good thing I liked it. Mommy and daddy say I have a lot of miles ahead of me.






Dear Thing 3,

Welcome to our family. You cast a spell on me the moment your warm slippery body was laid on my belly. We can’t promise to be perfect parents.  In fact, I’ll  let you know ahead of time that, unfortunately,  we’ll fail more times than we will care to admit. What we can promise is that we will always do our best and seek the Lord for guidance and no matter what we will love you bigger than the sky times infinity. Our hearts are overwhelmed with gratitude for your life. We look forward to all the adventures we will have as a family and watching God’s plan for your life unfold. We love forever and always.

Love and Laughter,

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