This week I got my first taste of life on the road when we went down to the Florida Keys.

Thing 3 Bench Key West FL

Rock a bye baby week 6We stayed right on the beach and I would get rocked to the sound of the Gulf of Mexico.Beach with Mama Week 6Jenn Thing 3 Key West FL

We went to the beach in Key West too.

southernmost Point Key West FL

I went to the Southernmost Point and waited in a long line in the hot sun to get my picture taken next to a big hunk of painted cement. I can tell life on earth is going to be weird.

Brent and Thing 3 Keys Fl

Thing 3 first sunset week 6
I saw my first ocean sunset. That was cool!

Walk with brother week 6

walk with mama week 6

I went on lots of walks.

 natural baby week 6

Little whale suit week 6

I also lay around a lot too.

Meow Cow Thing 3 Week 6

I even cuddled with Meow Cow. I think he is getting used to me.

Thing 1 3 Week 6

I hung out with my big big brother on his bed. I accidentally peed on him again. Oooops!

Window Week 6

My big brother likes to show me the world.

Kiss Thing 3 Wk 6

I’m not sure how I feel about all this “selfies”.Selfie Thing 2 3 week 6

 I guess they are okay.Cuties thing 3 week 6 black and white week 6 All natural baby week 6

Love and Laughter,

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