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Fourth of July Fun

What can be more fun than celebrating the Fourth of July in Boston? Celebrating the Fourth of July in Boston with another family on the road! Fourth of July fun with…

What can be more fun than celebrating the Fourth of July in Boston?

Celebrating the Fourth of July in Boston with another family on the road!

Fourth of July fun with friends!

The weather forecast the morning of the Fourth of July was sketchy with a 50% chance of rain.  Large crowds give me slight anxiety. (Luckily, I’m good at disassociation that is how I brave lines at Disney World.)  However, being in a large crowd in the rain is one xanax away from a nervous breakdown.

Still I was determined. Determined to have fun. We didn’t drive all the way from California to miss experiencing the Fourth of July in Boston. So we packed up and headed to the nearest subway station.

Things started getting fun in the parking garage at Quincy Adams. This wouldn’t be the first time we’ve had fun in a parking garage.

In a parking garage with over 2000 spaces, we parked next to another fulltime rv family. I almost couldn’t believe it either.

When I noticed a sign on the back of their truck, I did what any normal person would do. In less than a minute, I found them on twitter, took a picture of my children next to their truck, and tweeted them the photo.

They actually tweeted me back and we ended up meeting them at the celebration. Crazy huh!!!

Not only that they came over for dinner two days later. Of course, I forgot to take a picture but it happened here is the proof. They were shocked to find out there were other families on the road. Welcome to the world of fulltime rving families!

Fourth of July just kept getting better.

There were interviews by NECN.

Here is the link to the video.

There was singing.

There was dancing.

And a whole lot of other fun.

Until the a policeman behind us told we might want to pack up. Huh?

There was a nearby storm and they were thinking about calling the show. We were told everyone could be evacuated into a tunnel to wait out the storm. Since we were near the exit he didn’t want us to get trampled.


Yes, his exact words.


We headed into the tunnel with thousands of others.

Luckily, I’m stubborn as hell and don’t mind ignoring authority, i.e. ,policemen on bikes who kept telling us to move down, we were near the “exit”. Amazingly, I didn’t even get anxiety despite the crazy thoughts bouncing in and out of my head.

It must have been because we were with friends. I bet we are the only families to have a group picture taken in this exact spot ever.

We were only in the tunnel about 25 minutes before we got to leave.

The show must go on rain or shine or evacuation.

And rain it did. A sudden downpour during the firework show.

And this is where the fun stopped.

After the celebration, we tromped through the puddles to the subway. As soon as I saw the mob waiting outside the station I considered walking the 45 miles back to the campground. (I also thought about kicking the park ranger who told us, “whatever you do don’t drive into Boston on the Fourth.” Apparently, she has never ridden the subway on the Fourth.)

Our friends who drove into the city, granted they parked in Boston early, got home over an hour before us. They were also spared being herded like cattle and witnessing a fight on the subway at 1 am.

At 2 a.m. we pulled into our campground exhausted but grateful. Grateful for friends, fun, and freedom.

Love and Laughter,

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