It’s been a long time since a Thrifty Threads Thursday post.

As I said before, I felt pretty silly posting my outfits. Plus it got cold and when it’s cold all I care about is staying warm not how I look.

But I’ve decided to bring Thrifty Threads back for four reasons.

1. Thrifting and bargain shopping is fun.
2. Wearing what find is fun.
3. Sharing what I find is fun.
4. I choosing not to care what people think.

So what if I’m almost 35 and like to post pictures of my clothing on the internet. Being a homeschooling mom doesn’t mean I have to stick with jean jumpers and Crocs. Not judging. 🙂

I’ve always enjoyed expressing myself through clothing but once I had kids that along with keeping up with music took a back seat.

Luckily Brent keeps my iPod filled good music but the clothes are up to me.

This skirt is my most recent happy find.


I found this skirt in a thrift shop in Williamsburg, VA. (That’s the Mayflower II in the background.)

Aren’t the dancing people on the skirt sweet. So happy! My nails not so much.

The belt was thrifted in Ventura, the shirt is from the Old Navy Sale rack, and the bracelet was from our trip to South Africa.

Love and Laughter,

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