Visiting Lancaster, Pennsylvania, is like stepping back in time.

Not only is it one of the oldest inland towns, it is also home to one the largest Amish populations of the United States.

It was the Amish community that intrigued us the most.

Amish Field PA

The Amish is a people group known for their simple living.

Driving around, the reluctance to use modern conveniences was evident.

There were horses and plows, bicycles without peddles, buggies at the stoplights, straw hats, bonnets, and elaborate clothes lines strung from pulley systems marking the Amish homes.

Amish Country Draft Horses PA

You can’t see him but there was a boy not much older than 10 driving these 6 draft horses.

Amish Buggy Ride PA Family Amish Buggy Ride PA

We took a buggy ride to get an up close look at an Amish Farm.

Amish Dairy

We were surprised to see cows lined up to milking machines! They were diesel but still we were confused not to see people squatting on stools next to cows with buckets.

 After further research (and according to our understanding) we learned that the community decides to adopt or reject certain conveniences based upon a literal interpretation of the Bible and its (the convenience in question) affect upon relationships. For instance, electricity is rejected, not only because of its connection to the outside world (and the can of worms that would open), but because it doesn’t encourage closer family relationships. In other words as we understand it, if there is only one central light source in the evening then the family will most likely gather together instead of going off to do their own thing in other parts of the hous

Amish Buggy PA Amish Bike PAAmish Horse Buggy PA Amish Buggy on Road PA

Amish Farm PA

Shoofly Pie Amish PA

Admittedly, there is something appealing about the Amish life besides shoofly pie.

While the the stiff rejection of worldly ideals like cars and eletricty may sound crazy to most, it seems like a type of freedom to leave the distractions of modern life for a life focused on God and family. Hersheys Chocolate World Hershey PA

However, there is chocolate and we were lured from our dreams of a simple pious life by a quick whiff of sugar.

After all, we would need an awfully big team of horses to pull our RV.

Old Hershey Chocolate Factory PA

The old Hershey factory and more importantly Chocolate World is in nearby Hershey.

Hershey Kiss Street Light PA

Inside Hershey Chocolate World

Worlds Largest Chocolate Bar Thing Two PA Worlds Largest Chocotate Bar pA











It’s like a real life Wonka Factory, minus the creep factor, with chocolate bars the size of your head.

Love and Laughter,

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