My big big brother plays piano.

Sometimes he plays for me when I’m upset and it helps me to calm down.

After Minnesota we headed to the International Peace Gardens in North Dakota so he could go to the International Music Camp.

Thing 1 and 3 Music Camp week 13

He squeezed my foot to say goodbye.

Mommy Thing 2 Week 13  Mommy and Thing 3 Week 13

 While he was at camp I hung out with mommy.

Canada Instagram Thing 3 Week 13

And daddy.

(This is from my first time in Canada.)

Brothers Week 13 ND

And my big brother.

thing 2 and 3 ergo week 13

My big brother carried me in the baby carrier for the first time.

He had been asking to wear me in the carrier for weeks but mommy kept wanting to make sure my head was stable and we were in a safe place to walk.

Thing 2 and 3 Peace Garden Week 13

You know, like in a cactus garden!

Love and Laughter,

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