Row houses
Dragon Boats
Fire Jugglers
Shark Submarines
A Lonely Carousel
(Crab cakes? Yes, please.)

Welcome to Baltimore’s Inner Harbor

I love being with my family.  Nothing comes close to joy of exploring with Brent or the joy of seeing our boys delight in the world around us.


Every once in a while, it’s good to be alone.  It’s good to find solitude among a crowd of strangers.  It’s good to soak up unfiltered sights and sounds.  It’s also good to remind myself that I can fly by myself, arrange transportation by myself, and read a map by myself.  Yes, I’m a big girl.

This week was rough.  It was the boys last week of school, I’m helping Brent with a big project, and I was just down.  Not sure why but it happens.  Tonight, I dreamed of taking a mini vacation…alone.  I decided to “go back to” Baltimore.

I felt the wind of an approaching storm as I stood on Federal Hill.  I tasted greasy crab cakes.  I slipped through the fence of a vacant carousel.  I got lost with myself.

Now, I’m back and ready to tackle the week ahead but I’m looking forward to going back to Baltimore next year with the ones I love.  I want to visit the National Aquarium, hold Brent’s hand on Federal Hill, and ride in a dragon boat with two boys while they still think dragons are cool.

With Love,


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