We only have a few traditions in house and most of them have to do with food.


Father’s Day.

Every Father’s Day, the boys decorate Brent a shirt.  This has been our tradition since Brent’s first Father’s Fay when I decorated the shirt with puffy paint like a 10 year old in 1987.

Now the boys decorate their own shirts but since they are “new school” they draw pictures of MacBooks.

And iPods

And swords. And guns.  And blood.
(At least I still see a few hearts.)



It’s 20011! Didn’t you know!

The perfectionist!

“Don’t mind me.”

“Why don’t you take a picture, human? It’ll last longer.”

“You won’t even try pulling me off this box.”

Every father’s day they wear them for Dad.  I’m not sure how long this will last but for now I’m enjoying every moment.

Afterwards, I wad them up in a box in the closet because someday I’m going to make one of those “t-shirt quilts”.  I will.  Never mind I can’t sew a straight line without wanting to throw my sewing machine against the wall.

With Love,


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