We haven’t had much time to think about, much less prepare for, our upcoming road trip.  We’ve been busy preparing for our last big project, a video shoot for a local publishing company, before we hit the road.

We headed up to our location, Pine Mountain Club, on the 4th of the July to spend four days with 13 people who were almost strangers. Brent and I were sad to be missing fireworks with our boys but excited for the adventure ahead.

On the 126 highway, we passed a man with a long pony tail sticking out from under his patriotic bandana soaking up the sun next to his lady as they cruised in their old convertible. I knew it was going to be a good 4th.

It’s all about being in the moment, fireworks or not.

And this week there were many moments, some as large as fireworks others as faint as whispers.

Strangers bonded.  Storms loomed over the mountain tops.  Meals were shared.  Prayers were said.  Prayers were heard.

The crew was amazing.  They know how to work and laugh.  The first day of shooting we found ourselves striking the set in the middle of rainstorm.  We were wetter than fish and yet I didn’t hear one complaint from the crew.  Not one.

The actors were committed and caring.  If there was a diva in the bunch we never knew it.

Brent and I experienced the immense satisfaction and challenge that comes with being a team in a new game.  We saw our strengths and weaknesses and let God fill in the gaps.  Those big ole’ gaps.

Laughter, tears, sarcasm, love, frustration, compassion, fear, joy.  It was all there on our little set and in our cabins.

With love,

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