Today after working on the trailer our house we went over to Brent’s brother’s for a BBQ.  His brother, like Brent, is a grill master.   Seriously, I’ve never tasted better BBQ than these Nims boys. It must have something to do with growing up with Santa Maria Style BBQ.

His brother even has a custom oak pit BBQ.

While the food cooked, the kids carved pumpkins.

Thing 1 and 2 took it very seriously.

After dinner there was entertainment.

And complimentary dance lessons.

The boys have had fun visiting with their cousins.  While parking in Brent’s parent’s driveway hasn’t been the ideal location, it’s been good to “try out” the rv and to spend time with family.  One more day in Santa Maria and then we are heading up north for a few days.

Love and Laughter,

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