Homeschool Roadschool

School started off our day complete with a wonderful view of the neighbor’s backyard.   I’m amazed how well school is going so far.  Yes, we are a little behind the traditional school year but I’m not worried.  We’ll catch up.   The boys seem really relaxed and interested in learning. However, Meow Cow proves to be an occasional distraction.


After school, we headed back over to Brent’s brother’s house and his wife gave us all haircuts.  Little things like this are such a HUGE blessing.   Thank you, Kristi!!


The highlight of Halloween, besides seeing our little guys dressed up in costumes they either decided to reuse or piece together with items we already own, was visiting the pumpkin man of Santa Maria.

The Pumpkin Man takes off an entire week every year to carve pumpkins and we aren’t just talking jack-o-laterns with triangle eyes.  He had carved everything from an intricate covered wagon train to Batman.  Some of them were amazing with the detail and shadowing.  The Pumpkin Man said this was his “passion”.   He and his wife were standing in the front yard chatting with people who stopped to look at the pumpkins. I talked to him for a bit and he was  fascinating. This year he carved 30 pumpkins but gave 7 away.  He says he does this every year.

I love how the world is filled with interesting people!

Love and Laughter,

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