Today we cast off on our own. We left the security of Brent’s parents and officially hit the open road and landed at Morgan Hill, CA but not without a few detours.
Detour #1 – The family picture. The picture was fine or as good as it can be with 2 kids, 2 pugs, and a cat.  (Nigel, the light pug, looks thrilled.  Simply thrilled.)
It was during this picture, I put Meow Cow in the car without rolling up the window.  Ooops.  We spend 10 minutes searching for him as he watched hidden amongst the stuff in the garage.  I’m certain he was laughing.
Detour #2 –  We stopped at Goodwill to drop of our last (for now) load of stuff.  This Goodwill was in a strip center and not set up for RVs.  As we were unloading the stuff, we found out we were blocking a lady who had to get her child somewhere.  We moved and circled back around to drop off the rest of our stuff.  After we were leaving we hit a curb hard.  Ouch.
Detour #3 – We weren’t on the interstate but 10 minutes when Meow Cow peed on Thing 2.  Good times.  (Note to self, don’t forget to put litter box in the truck.)
Detour #4 – Pottie breaks 20 mintues apart.  (I’m sure we’ll soon come to see this as a part of life and not “detours”)

Detour #5 – Finally, we get to our campsite after dark (just brilliant our first time out) and we may or may not have used our phone flashlight to park the beast between trees. As we started to open her up for bedtime the large slideout didn’t want to go.  Brent found a small leak in the hydraulic system.  Bummer.  He and Nathanael went to Wal-mart at 10:00 pm leaving me and to fend for ourselves to get brake fluid only to come home and discover that he didn’t have the switch turned on properly.

Love and Laughter,
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