I could see my breath as I lay in bed this morning.

It was even cold for Meow Cow.  He regularly sleeps on our feet but last night I pulled him under the covers.  At first he stiffened, “I think not, human.” but the warmth outweighed his ego and he cuddled beside me resting his little head on the pillow next to mine.  I love that cat.

We are getting better at packing up to leave.  Last week when we left Morgan Hill we didn’t pull out until after check out.  Today, we made check out time by a few minutes. 😉

Slowly, we wound down the mountain roads leaving Yosemite behind.  We drove through a small town called Chinese Camp.  This was literally a “blink and you’ll miss it” sized town.  I saw a solitary white church on top of a hill next to a cemetery filled with above the ground tombs.  I wondered who was burried there and how their lives led them to be buried in the small town of Chinese Camp.

We turned left down a old bumpy road called “Red Hills Road”.  I may or may not have failed as navigator again.  Good thing I’m not getting paid for this.  However, sometimes mistakes are really blessings in disguise.  I don’t know if I have ever been on a road as lovely as Red Hills Road.

Oak trees, horses, hills, boulders all placed like art on the hillsides.  The sort of road that you think of in storybooks.  It was only 4 miles long but I could have driven it for four days.


We scarcely saw a car except for a lone UPS truck.  Modern day cowboy.

In the evening, we stopped to visit Brent’s aunt for dinner.

We enjoyed our visit very much and the boys especially enjoyed relaxing with the dogs.  Have you ever seen a dog sleep like that???

Finally, we stopped for the night at Walmart in Bakersfield.

I’m a little sad.  It’s hard being so close yet so far from home.

Love and Laughter,




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