Austin feels like home.

Brent works the days away. The boys are leaving dishes in the sink. Meow Cow is owning the bed. The dogs are leaving paw marks on the the back door. I’m yelling at my kids in the front yard.

We are comfortable. Too comfortable, perhaps.

This week has been filled with late night conversations with my best friend on the couch. A playdate with new friends at Zilker park. A breakfast with an old friend. Thrifting at Thriftland. Dinners at home. Dinners out. (The Salt Lick, G’raj Mahal, and Chuy’s) A trip to the Texas State History Museum. (A must see if you are in Austin and love history.) And much too much Bluebell Ice Cream.

It’s been good. No it’s been a wonderful mix of work and play. Old and new. Ordinary and extraordinary.


As hard as it is the road calls us.

I’m not looking forward to saying goodbye. My lip trembles just thinking about it.

Love and Laughter,

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