Who needs a campground when you can park in a yard.

We spent over two weeks at my parent’s house in Port Charlotte. This is what we will remember.

Visiting with my Junebug and Papaw (my grandma and grandpa) for four days. We were so grateful to have that time with them.

Going thrifting with my Junebug. What a hoot!

A boat ride across Charlotte Harbor.

Canoeing in the canals. Ooooh there’s a string ray!

Searching for shark teeth at Venice Beach, Nakomis Beach, and Blind Pass on Manasota Key. Blind Pass was the best beach for shark teeth by a long shot. Nakomis was a close second. Venice gets an F. Thing Two found over 500 teeth. I think we better start panning for gold!

Sunsets at Blind Pass Beach on Manasota Key. Majestic.

Thing Two and I had a special date. We searched for shark teeth and got a table for two at a Greek dive. Love.

A farmer’s market date with my love.

Idling on the boat through the Charlotte Harbor canals at sunset and watching the milky reflection of a tiring sky on the water.

Visiting my great grandma Nell’s home. It was where my family stayed when I was a kid. The current owner even let us in. Amazing how much bigger things seem when you’re a kid. Brought back memories of sunburns, bathing caps, and morning walks on the beach with my dad.

Nakomis Groves where you get tiny cups of orange juice and large cones of ice cream. Backwards and worth it. I also used to visit this Nakomis Groves as a child.

Spending time with my parents.  Thank you Papaw and Weewah. <=== Cutest grandma name ever!

Love and Laughter,

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