I have had a number of experiences that have been so intense, so spectacular, that I question their reality.

Riding a camel through Petra in Jordan.

Hiking the Mount of Olives to watch the sunrise slowly turn Old  Jerusalem golden.

Swimming alone in the Sea of Galilee at dawn.

Dancing and worshiping God with hundreds of Russians along the banks of the Volga River.

Hiking the Great Wall.

Galloping on a horse through the mountains of South Africa.

Visiting a tsumani stuck village on an island in India.

Swimming with manatees in warm spring waters.

And now I can add snowboarding in the Rocky Mountains at sunset.

Yes, snowboarding at sunset through the Rockies is up there with the Great Wall.

And to experience it as a family was pure magic.

snowboarding sunset

Snowboard at Sunset

Snowboarding at Sunset

Sunset snowboarding

These iPhone photos don’t do it justice.

It was like spending 10 minutes in a dream.

Like riding a magic carpet on another planet.



Awe inspiring.

It makes me almost fearful of the beauty that will be heaven.

Love and Laughter,

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