Yes, snowboarding was amazing.

And we made Breck our home for four and half months.


Breckenridge wouldn’t have been the same without all the people.

Friends Imperial Breckenridge

The people, with each of their unique gifts, filled this winter with even more beauty.
Old Friends

Our time in Colorado began with a stay with longtime friends from Ventura who moved to Colorado Springs four years ago.

I remember going over to their apartment when they had their firstborn with his little mohawk hair. Now here we are in the middle of the country with our not-so-little littles.

Words are not enough to express how much this family means to us. You will meet none more thoughtful, creative, and devoted.

Fitness Friends

I met up with fitness friends who I had only known online for a number of years.Niki Wynn and Jenn

 We met up with, fellow RVers, Jason and Nikki Wynn. Nikki and Jason are an adorable and creative couple with enough energy to fuel their RV.

(You must check out their site, Gone with the Wynns. So fun!)
Jenn Helen Rick

There was Rick, my favorite snowboarding instructor, who help me go from falling down the bunny slopes to falling down black diamonds. πŸ˜‰

And spunky Helen from Australia, who I met in my snowboard class.Helen Jenn Keystone Outback

Helen and I spent a day together exploring Keystone and A-Basin.O'dells Keystone

Early March, the O’Dells came for a visit.

We met the O’Dells on a walk through a campground in Savannah Georgia last April. Then in the fall, we stayed five days at their house in Minnesota.

When they got to Breckenridge they learned that their RV didn’t meet the “length requirement” for the campground.


So they stayed with us in our RV.

It was tight. It was crazy. It was wonderful.

Nothing tests “compatibility” more than staying in an RV together for four nights.

They are truly kindred spirits.

The Village Brecks Adults

Last but certainly not least is “The Village”.

John and his kind caring spirit.

Jema and her thoughtful questions.

Pieter and his generosity.

Clementine and her free “happy-go-lucky” sense of adventure.

Matt and his wicked clever sense of humor.

Wendy and her mad cooking skills.

I could go on but each one of our fellow gypsy friends are brave, unique, caring, and people we feel blessed to call friends.

Dinner with Friends