My mommy is behind on my posts. I guess between taking care of me and my big brothers she doesn’t have a lot of free time.

We’ve been traveling a lot lately.

Mommy Thing 3 Week 8

I’ve started to like my baby carrier. Mommy has been looking for a new one because this one isn’t super comfortable. Boy, you should see how much time she spends “researching”. No wonder she’s behind on my posts. I can’t even imagine what goes into research when she buys a car.

Chilling Thing 3 Week 8

Sometimes I take naps next to my mommy when she writes. It’s easier to fall asleep when I can look at her.

Family Selfie Stone Mountain GA

We took family selfie at Stone Mountain Georgia.

Selfie Thing 2 3 GA

Another selfie!

Thing 3 Week 8

I smile a lot but I can also be very serious.

Thing 2 Baby Nomad Stone Mountain GA

Brent Thing 3 Stone Mountain GAThing 1 Thing 3 Stone Mountain GA

Everybody took turns holding me at my first campfire at Stone Mountain.

Thing 3 Carseat TN

I’m dreaming about the places I’ll go when I get out of this thing!

Thing 3 Smile Chattanooga TN

Kisses from daddy at an ice cream shop in Chattanooga, TN.

Love and Laughter,

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