Thing 3 Collage Week 9Wow, I’m over two months old!

Time flies when you are having fun.

Thing 2 and 3 Funny Nashville TN

See how much fun I’m having with my big brother.
Oh what’s that?
You wanted me to look at that big black thing you always have in my face?

Thing 3 Bite Lip Nashville TN

Fine, I’ll look.

Thing Three Outside Nashville TN

But just for a minute because that blank sky is much more interesting than you.

 Thing 3 Smile Nashville TN

What do you think of these spit bubbles?
Of course, you think they are cute.
You think anything I do is cute!

 Thing 3 Playing Nashville TN

How cute is this!
I brought my hands near my cheeks.

Thing 3 Camping Nashville TN

And this!
I’m lifting my head even though it’s weighs almost as much as the rest of my body.

Thing 3 in the Drivers Seat week 9

You thought you were being cute when you sat me in the driver’s seat, didn’t you?
Well, I didn’t.

Thing 3 Sleeping Week 9

You think I’m so cute you stare at me even when I’m sleeping.
Wait until 3 a.m.!


You thought it was cute when I met my uncle for the first time.


Apparently, my mom and aunt thought it would be cute to do a selfie with me.
How about these cheeks?
Are these cute enough for you?

 Thing 3 Collage Week 9

And this?
Well…this is pretty cute I must admit.

Love and Laughter,

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