Golden plains stretch as far as the eye can see.  The sun beats against my face.  I shift in my seat but cannot escape its glare.  James Vincent McMorrow’s voice fills the cabin and his lyrics stir my heart.  My body is tired and achey from hours of sitting yet I’m content.  Content to my bones.

After there days of go, go, go.  I’m ready for a day on the road.  We are headed to Carlsbad to experience the mystery of the caverns.

Eastern New Mexico is desolate.  We passed nothing but flat land and run down buildings that are slowly returning home to the soil.  I love it and prefer it over a cityscape any day. I will miss the west.

I open up my computer to try to write for a few minutes.  Suddenly after hours of silence I get a barrage of questions.  Thing 1 needs to know all about the campground.  Brent is wondering if I can make calls.  Traveling as a family is wonderful yet it is not without frustrations (as you might imagine).  Solitude is scarce these days.   I must carve it out in my mind amidst questions, quarrels, and cramped quarters.  The vast plains out the window help.

After hours of driving, we come to Roswell, New Mexico.  The store fronts are plastered with little green cartoon aliens capitalizing off the supposedly UFO crash of 1947.

Meow Cow wakes up from his slumber on the console to take in the town.

“So that explains it.”

We drove off into the sunset straight to the Walmart parking lot.

Love and Laughter,

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