Inside of Ford’s Theatre where we watched,One Destiny, a play about Lincoln’s assasination.

Across the street from the theatre is the Petersen House, the house where Lincoln died.

The boys added another Jr. Ranger badge to their growing collection.

This tower is made of about 6,800 books, a fraction of the estimated total of 15,000 books written about Lincoln.

Then another quick stop by the National Museum of American History. Thing Two wanted one last walk through the war section and we both though this uniform worn by George Washington was pretty cool

We continued on to the White House. Unfortunately we weren’t able to get tickets for a tour despite applying 6 months in advance.

After a long day of learning we headed home…

Dinner with the Weeds Washingto DC

where we ended a great day with a great dinner with great friends!

Love and Laughter,

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