So mommy got very busy while we were traveling to Alaska and writing for Go RVing. She didn’t have much extra time to write this blog but she’s going to do her best to catch up now that we are back in the “slow lane”.

Napping Daddy Week 12 Thing 3

Napping with Mommy Thing 3 Week 12

Mommy and daddy may have been busy planning, working, and writing but they were never to busy to take naps with me on the couch.

Dabby and Thing 3 MN

Sometimes daddy even holds me for a little bit while he works. I’m so lucky to have my daddy around all the time.

Meeting Jordan Week 12

After Madison, we went to Minneapolis so I could meet my Uncle Jordan and my cousin.

Odells Week 12

Then we headed north to spend some time with our good friends the O’Dells. My family met them before I was born when they were camping in Savannah, Georgia a few years ago. They’ve been good friends since. They even stayed with my family in the RV in Breckenridge, Colorado!

Family Itasca MN

I visited the headwaters of the Mississippi River.

Brent Baby Nomad East Grand Forks MN

There were rest stops and cuddles.

Dad boys Grand Forks ND

We stopped in Grand Forks where I heard my first fireworks.

Baby Nomads 1st 4th of July MN Thing 3 1st 4th Jully MN

Boy those are loud. I’m glad I was in my “kangaroo pouch” on mommy!

North Dakota Week 12 Thing 3

It’s been 12 week since I was born and I’ve already made it to the Geographical Center of North America in Rugby, North Dakota. After this stop I don’t know how anything else will impress me. πŸ˜‰

Love and Laughter,

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